3 reasons to eliminate processed foods and lose weight

3 reasons to eliminate processed foods and lose weight

rony 23.11.2018

Over the years, unfortunately, processed foods have become a central food in the daily diet of many people. These are pre-packaged products, ready to be purchased with the idea of ​​saving time. They are made with ingredients that are highly addictive and are therefore often preferred by children. In this article, we will explain why it is better to eliminate processed foods from your diet.

As you will see in the next few lines, in fact, these foods contain poorly nutritious elements that favor the accumulation of fat, with a consequent increase in weight. To stay in shape and protect the well-being of your body, the first step is to limit or eliminate processed foods.

Why to eliminate processed foods?

1. Contain too many sugars

Processed foods are produced with the addition of a large quantity of sugar. This means that large doses of artificial sugars are added to the natural ones of each dish, which are very harmful to the body’s balance. Why? It is a need for flavor: sugar softens and makes any food more appetizing. In addition to tackling the palate of consumers, it inevitably also creates dependency.

The first reason that should prompt you to eliminate processed foods from your diet is that this excess sugar should be avoided since it favors situations such as for overweight and obesity. Without forgetting other problems such as diabetes, hypertension or various problems related to kidney failure.

Processed foods that include more sugar are soft drinks. Think that a single can give your body more than half the recommended daily amount of sugar. The same applies to pre-packaged fruit juices. Their fruit content is very low – in most cases, it does not exceed 40% – while the sugar content is decidedly high.

For this reason, we recommend that you prepare drinks and juices from you, in your kitchen, in order to use only natural ingredients. In addition to avoiding the dangerous consequences of a constant excess of sugar, you will keep all the vitamins of the freshly pressed fruit. The drinks can be replaced by tea and infusions, which have no gas or other chemical elements.

If you want to lose weight, you will first need to eliminate the carbonated drinks from your diet. This is a sacrifice that you will only notice at the beginning, as your mouth is addicted to the flavor of these widely publicized drinks. Better to replace them with natural juices or tea. It’s just about rehabilitating your body with more natural ingredients.

2. The chances of obesity increase

Although the information just is seen would be enough to push a sensible person to eliminate processed foods on their own, these products continue to have a large market. Why? In addition to the captivating taste, made from sugar and chemical additives, they have the advantage of being able to be consumed immediately. This strategic mix makes it, therefore, that these are very addictive foods for those who have little time to cook and want to satisfy the palate, perhaps at the end of a hard day’s work.

The problem is that the consumption of these processed foods does not arise from a nutritional need, but from the simple pleasure, so to speak, of the “throat” . In fact, paradoxically, the more you consume these foods, the more you want them.

But excessive consumption of processed foods leads to obesity and overweight situations. Health disorders resulting from excess fat are much more than just an aesthetic problem. Behind them hides pathologies that can greatly reduce the quality of your life. People who consume these foods daily are more likely to suffer from a heart attack, bone or joint problems and even sleep apnea.

Removing processed foods from the diet will remove the spectrum of problems that concern a drastic and dangerous weight gain. In fact, following a healthy and balanced dietary routine will lead you to have a better quality of life, an optimal physical shape and a greater resistance to diseases.

3. They have a low nutrient content

The third reason to eliminate processed foods and lose weight is that these foods are nutrient-poor. When you consume processed foods, your body will receive mainly harmful fats and sugars. That is, they do not contain vitamins or fiber, nor proteins or minerals.

When you are hungry and eating processed foods, you are doing everything but nourishing your body adequately. On the one hand, you will deprive the body of what it really needs. On the other hand, you will not satisfy hunger and this will lead us, a few minutes later, to feel like having a snack again, with harmful consequences for your line.

We hope that the three reasons we have shown you in this article are sufficient to convince you to eliminate processed foods from your food routine. We advise you to make this change not suddenly, but gradually. In this way, your body can get used to change without trauma and with positive consequences for your metabolism and your health.

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