Can doing sports be harmful?

Can doing sports be harmful?

rony 13.07.2019

Playing sports is a great way to spend the time available because it opens up a “door” to physical and mental well-being. However, practicing it improperly and exercising excessively can be harmful to our health. Read on to find out more!

We assume that physical activity is necessary to maintain good health. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to many negative consequences: obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and other dangerous diseases. Sport thus becomes a great ally to keep the body in good condition.

Can doing sports be really harmful?

Nutrition, work, hobbies … everything in life has its advantages and disadvantages and sport cannot be an exception. Exercising so well that one never talks about the negative aspects. The fact that we don’t talk about it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist.

At first sight, the sport does not present negative aspects, but there may be wrong practices which, repeated over time, make it a harmful activity for the body.

It is of fundamental importance to know these aspects in order to avoid that the sport becomes a dangerous activity for the body and for our health in general. For this reason, we will list some situations (or practices) that should be avoided:

1. Incorrect execution of the exercises

It may happen that people complain because they do not get any results, because they have pains, cramps or because they get injured during sports. All these problems can be attributed to incorrect execution of the exercises.

All sports have rules, are structured and present models to follow. To prevent any kind of injury or trauma, it is important to follow all the guidelines that are provided.

All the details in performing an exercise (such as a squat or push-ups), even the simplest, must be taken care of if you don’t want to incur an injury. So always remember to learn, remember and perform the exercises correctly.

2. Neglecting important aspects

When you play sports, skipping heating, not curing hydration, eating or resting, it will have a negative influence on your body’s behavior and performance. If you neglect the important aspects it is likely that you have more negative than positive results.

Not doing the warm-up before the exercises can cause injuries, following an unbalanced diet weakens the muscles, the lack of proper hydration causes cramps and disorders. For all these problems it is inconceivable not to pay attention to aspects that, if not taken into consideration, can compromise your health.

3. Wear

Playing sports strengthens the muscles, ligaments, joints, and bones. However, with constant practice and over time, the parts of the body that are used most can deteriorate. For example, cyclists tend to have problems with their calves and knee joints.

Athletes can suffer an injury due to wearing which represents a real pitfall. It is a condition that, in some cases, cannot be avoided; since it derives from the constant use of muscles or joints.

4. Excessive training

By doing sports the release of endorphins from the body is facilitated. In addition to staying in shape, we eliminate stress and feel happier. For these reasons, some people do so much sport that they end up abusing it.

Training more than necessary is not good for our physical and mental well-being: everything has a limit and limits must be respected to avoid damage. Excessive physical activity can cause (among other things) injuries, physical and mental fatigue, heart problems and respiratory problems.

5. Vigoressia (Muscular dysmorphism)

The Vigorexia or muscle dysmorphia is a pathological condition characterized by an extreme concern for the muscle mass and to the body image. Because of this disorder, the person is obsessed with having a muscular and well-defined body: to obtain it, he undergoes training with a higher frequency than the average.

Doing sports consistently is not wrong, but when it becomes an obsession you can come to have serious physical (as well as psychological) problems. The goal of doing sport is to have a healthy body and to stay healthy, not to follow the standards of beauty imposed by society!

Only you can decide what to do and prevent the sport from becoming a dangerous and harmful activity for your health. The body is a precious gift, train yourself in moderation and in the best possible way: everything will go the right way!

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