Can exercise be done with migraine?

Can exercise be done with migraine?

rony 04.08.2019

There are many opinions, myths, and debates about exercising with migraines. In this article, we will clarify the doubts on migraine, on the exercise and on what is better to do for those suffering from this disease.

Some people think that exercising with migraines is advisable, as it helps to lessen the discomfort, which can be very intense.

However, others think that it is better not to do any kind of activity that engages the body. This contradiction leads us to a question: is it possible or not possible to exercise with migraines? Now we will answer this question.

Exercise with migraine: what do we need to know?

The word migraine is defined as an intense and recurrent headache, located on one side of the head and related to cerebrovascular alterations.

For this reason, migraine can come accompanied by vomiting, nausea, sensitivity to sound and light. This causes a malaise that, in many cases, prevents the normal performance of daily activities.

At this point, several relevant factors must be considered before determining whether or not it is convenient to exercise when suffering from migraine:

  • The intensity of pain: there are moments in which there is a slight headache that can last a little. But there are also pains that are much stronger and force you to take medicines and rest.
  • Type of exercise to perform: high impact exercises such as Crossfit or running require a lot from the body. In contrast, low impact exercises are quieter and do not require excessive body effort.
  • Special conditions: people suffering from particular conditions such as hypertension, diabetes or some brain disease must take precautions for their health.

Given this, determining whether or not you can exercise with migraines depends on the factors we just talked about. Some of these points help to relieve headaches, as others may make it worse.

Decrease migraine with exercise

On the one hand, so that you can exercise with migraine, as the physical activity could help you feel better. But this is only good under certain conditions:

  • The exercises you do should not be overly hard.
  • You must feel the full capacity to be able to end them despite the headache.
  • If you suffer from any disease that affects your migraine, the best thing is to consult your doctor to make sure you can exercise with a headache.
  • The pain in the head must be of low intensity.

Exercise could help get rid of migraines as increased blood flow improves brain oxygenation. In turn, releasing endorphins will make you feel better.

In this way, gentle exercises like yoga or pilates can be beneficial for making a migraine disappear.

Compound the situation with the exercise

On the other hand, exercising with migraine is not recommended in the following cases:

  • If you do heavy exercises that require weight, speed, and strength.
  • When the migraine is too painful and is accompanied by other discomforts.
  • Have some pathology that puts your health at risk.

At the same time, not showing any of these situations and doing the same with migraine, could make the situation worse. The reason is that headaches can lead to too much stress. In this case, the physical tension could increase the overall tension and worsen your condition.

A double-edged sword

Although the exercise can do well to reduce the migraine, this does not mean that it is something to have to do very often. Therefore, exercising with migraine is a double-edged sword: on the one hand it can do good and on the other, it can affect the situation.

For this, you must be very careful. Nothing happens if you don’t exercise for a day. Your priority is health so that you always keep this in mind. The headache can be harmless, but sometimes it is the symptom of other more serious diseases. You must be careful and have a doctor visit you if you suffer from it.

Migraine and exercise may not go well together. In addition to assessing whether it is possible or not to do sports with headaches, the most important thing is your health. So think again before doing physical activity with migraines.

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