Erectile dysfunction: 6 supplements to treat it

Erectile dysfunction: 6 supplements to treat it

rony 25.09.2018

According to a US study, the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, almost 50% of men over the age of 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction. This figure would explain the steady increase in the number of viagra consumers worldwide.

Not all people can take viagra and many look for natural solutions. There are various studies on this subject. Some doctors and research laboratories have discovered natural substances that can treat erectile dysfunction.

For those men who prefer a natural alternative to this problem, here are some supplements that could help:

L-arginine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction

The L-arginine is an amino acid produced by the human body. Its main function is to create nitric oxide which dilates blood vessels while maintaining an erection.

On the market, there are packages of this product that are sold through virtual stores. A 2003 study showed excellent results when this substance is associated with pycnogenol, a natural food supplement derived from the bark of the French marine pine ( Pinus pinaster ).

Tribulus Terrestris: a natural anabolic against erectile dysfunction

Perhaps many will not believe it, but one of the best natural treatments for erectile dysfunction comes from a plant. Tribulus Terrestris contains natural anabolics useful for the sexual health of humans. One of its main properties is to improve the release of testosterone in the body.

Another property of this plant is to control levels of stress and anxiety, factors that cause erectile dysfunction. The only contraindication of this substance, sold in the form of supplements, is that it cannot be given to patients with kidney failure.

Pycnogenol and Zinc

Pycnogenol has shown excellent results when mixed with other substances. Earlier we mentioned his combination with L-arginine. When combined with zinc it helps improve sexual performance.

Low levels of zinc cause a general weakening of the body. When we do not consume foods rich in this mineral, the immune system weakens. A link was found between low levels of zinc and erectile dysfunction.

Ginseng: a vasodilator that comes from the earth

Much has been written and said about the healing powers of ginseng. It is known that this plant has vasodilatory properties. For this reason, it is recommended to take cardiovascular problems.

Its main function is to produce nitric oxide, which improves blood flow.

The effects of ginseng on a man’s body would be similar to those caused by testosterone. Who knows, we could grow it and use it as an ally of our circulatory system.

Epimedium brevicornum: another wonder that comes from Asia

Its trade name is “goat herb in heat” and, in Asia, it is used to treat many diseases. The epimedium brevicornum is believed to be excellent in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in patients with kidney disease.

The only problem with the use of this natural medicine is that there are few scientific studies that support its effectiveness. However, there are numerous studies underway that aim to demonstrate its properties and benefits.

Propionyl L-Cartinina against erectile dysfunction

This supplement is used in the fitness world to burn excess fat and improve muscle tone. In addition to these benefits it is also known for its energy function and to improve blood flow.

The principle is simple: the more blood is able to fill the spongy tissue of the penis, the greater the chance of an erection. This effect has been found by some athletes, although there are no studies that can prove its effectiveness as a treatment. Furthermore, it is believed that this amino acid can cause improvements in patients with premature ejaculation.

In conclusion, there are natural substances we can use to improve our sexual health, before choosing chemicals like the famous Viagra.

Most of these natural substances are produced by our bodies or can be processed by the human body without causing damage.

In any case, to avoid unnecessary risks, the first thing to do is to contact a specialist.

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