How to fight obesity with few healthy habits

How to fight obesity with few healthy habits

rony 28.01.2019

A few years ago, the WHO (World Health Organization) published alarming data about obesity in the world. About 1.9 billion adults aged 18 or over were overweight in 2016, a figure that tends to grow today. It is estimated that in 2045 one person in four will suffer from this problem. But how can we fight obesity? Certainly, the first step to be taken involves a radical change in people’s lifestyles.

According to WHO data, at least 2,800,000 dies of this condition every year, and about 60,000 in Italy alone. Wrong habits, poor diet, total lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle are some of the triggering effects of the problem. In this article, we will try to understand how it is possible to prevent and combat obesity.

Control the power supply, the first step to combat obesity

People who show a certain tendency to obesity should follow a targeted and personalized feeding program. The idea is not to stop eating, but to include healthier food products, giving priority to fruits and vegetables.

Even if an overweight situation is already evident, it is advisable to carry out the normal 5 five meals a day, in a controlled manner. In terms of childhood obesity, the best plan of action is to start early by teaching children new healthier habits. In this way, they will learn to be aware of their body’s needs, avoiding problems in their adulthood.

Combat obesity by controlling weight

Obese people should weigh themselves periodically, once a week. Registering the weight every day, in fact, makes almost no sense since you can’t appreciate important changes. And, this could affect the motivation of those who sacrifice themselves to follow a diet. Better to weigh yourself once a week, so as to check the effectiveness of your food routine.

In this way, under the supervision of a specialist (dietician, nutritionist or dietician), you will be able to understand if the diet does not work, thus being able to modify it and optimize it, in order to reach your weight goals more easily.

The importance of adequate physical activity

The sedentary lifestyle is, unfortunately, one of the causes of obesity. Part of the problem of fat accumulation comes from the fact that overweight people do nothing to burn them. Therefore, those who wish to fight obesity, in addition to diet, should also focus on increasing their physical activity.

It should be noted that it is not healthy to suddenly change your lifestyle, starting excessively hard workouts that could endanger your health. Especially if you have not done any sport for a long time, it will be better to consult a personal trainer that stabilizes an exercise routine appropriate to your situation.

Keep in mind that even walking, jogging, or swimming will do great at first,even a few minutes a day of exercise can make a difference. The goal is to speed up metabolism.

Some tips for doing sports if you are overweight

Certainly, enrolling in a gym near your home, within walking distance, will be a great choice to accompany your weight loss diet and improve your overall health. But there are also other activities you can do yourself, whenever you have the chance.

For example:

  • Walk every day: walking is the natural exercise par excellence and everyone can do it, without problems. The best way to fight obesity is to walk at least 30 minutes a day. Already with this routine, you will burn your excess calories.
  • Avoid the elevator and means of transport: to help the work done with daily walks, a good idea is to use every opportunity to exercise your legs. For example, you can go in and out of the house by taking the stairs or cover small and medium distances on foot, without using motorcycles, cars or public transport.
  • Invented routines that force you to train: walking with the dog or shopping on foot are good excuses to move. Furthermore, you will do physical activity without thinking and having fun. Who said that fighting obesity must be just sweating and sacrifice?

New healthy habits: say goodbye to old “vices”

As you have seen, fighting obesity does not only mean abandoning the consumption of dangerous saturated fats. Pancakes and desserts are not the only enemies of your health. In fact, alcohol consumption, smoking cigarettes and taking drugs also increase the propensity to suffer from overweight and obesity.

Smoking has a direct relationship with overweight. This is due to the dependence on nicotine and the need for higher caloric intake. Moreover, this ugly habit generates respiratory and cardiovascular problems that push even more towards a sedentary lifestyle.

It is known that alcohol also contributes to obesity, especially in beer consumers. Some studies state that men who consume alcoholic beverages have a 75% risk of abdominal obesity. Even the use of some drugs generates certain eating disorders.

Obviously, any change that you want to apply to your life will always have to be gradual. You will need so much willpower, a spirit of sacrifice and perseverance. Fighting obesity does not mean just going on a diet and going to the gym every day. If anything, it is the fruit of the desire to change lifestyle, embracing new healthy habits that include all aspects of your life.

This also means better hydration, good sleep, not spending too much time at home and trying to do dynamic activities that are both enjoyable. Fighting overweight is possible and will allow you to live your life more fully.

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