How to start playing sports and abandon a sedentary life

How to start playing sports and abandon a sedentary life

rony 19.08.2019

Surely you already know that living a sedentary lifestyle is not good for your health. What you might not know is how to change this. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to resume physical activity after leaving it for a long time … or even if you have never done it!

Change your life today

Perhaps the title might seem like a “misleading advertisement”, the reality is that you can change your (sedentary) lifestyle if you engage. I just want it!

The vast majority of people who have a sedentary lifestyle start a sports activity and leave it after a few days. Sometimes you don’t even finish the month you paid in the gym. This usually happens when you don’t find an activity you like. If it were the opposite, you would never abandon it!

One of the main excuses for not training is: “I’m too old for this!” In reality, there are many sports that can be adapted to the age and capabilities of each of us. You can try yoga, aqua gym or go for a walk in the afternoon.

The important thing is to abandon a sedentary lifestyle and, even if you are just beginning, you will feel much better about yourself. Self-esteem will increase, you will like it better when you look in the mirror and you will have the feeling of being able to ” conquer the world “.

Proceed progressively

You don’t need to be able to run a marathon from one day to the next, the important thing is to start and, little by little, to be constant in order to maintain the right motivation, to increase the days and the time dedicated to training.

For example, you can start training twenty minutes twice a week and then go thirty minutes three times a week. In this way, you can increase your workload up to a minimum of three hours of training for three days a week.

Don’t you want to go to the gym because you’re a little bit ashamed or you don’t have the money to do it? Work out at home too! Depending on your needs, you can find training programs on the internet and use the phone or TV to follow them more comfortably. You can take a walk or go up and down the stairs – this does not involve any additional expense -.

Try to always do the physical activity that makes you happy. If for some reason you don’t want to work out one day, don’t force yourself to do it. This does not mean that you are completely abandoning what you are doing, but that you are taking a momentary little pause. You deserve it, especially if you are trying every day to abandon a sedentary life that you had hired.

More tips to say goodbye to a sedentary life

One of the most common mistakes of those who want to have a more active and less sedentary life is to train for hours at a time. To avoid this you need to proceed step by step. Pay attention to the following tips:

1. Accept your current physical condition

A few years ago you could train for an hour without ever getting tired, riding for twenty kilometers and still feeling fresh or playing soccer with your friends every weekend. This belongs to the past. You don’t have to get depressed, but understand what your current abilities are and act accordingly.

2. Don’t rush

Many want to make up for lost time quickly and do not train properly. This can lead to injuries, injuries, muscle fatigue and make you give up training in a few weeks.

3. Don’t feel obligated

If you do physical activity because your partner (or doctor) has imposed you, you will not have many benefits. Yes, it is true, you will be able to get results, but if you live it as an obligation, you will not be satisfied and you will not like it at all. Furthermore, you can get the wrong idea of ​​that sport.

The best thing to do is to choose a sport that you enjoy, that makes you feel good and does not allow you to abandon your goal at the first difficulty.

To abandon a sedentary lifestyle one must not become a professional athlete. All you need to do is move around a bit, take a few walks in the park instead of sitting for hours on the sofa, getting up from your desk every so often and, for example, using the stairs instead of taking the elevator. These are small changes that will allow you to get excellent results.

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