Purifying diet: when can it be needed?

Purifying diet: when can it be needed?

rony 07.02.2019

A purifying diet can be very effective, but it is important to always follow it under the supervision of a professional and for a short time. Otherwise, besides not being able to reach the desired goals, we will feel tired and without strength.

Furthermore, it is essential to perform this type of diet only as much as is really necessary and not regularly. Next, we explain what these necessary cases are. Furthermore, we want to investigate the characteristics of this type of diet and explain how to proceed so that it is effective and beneficial for the body.

When is it necessary to follow a purifying diet?

Purifying diets are intended to detoxify the body. For this reason, it is not necessary to do them habitually, but only when necessary.

A good time, for example, is after the Christmas holidays. In general, this is the time of year when we eat the most. Within a couple of weeks, elaborate dishes, desserts, and alcohol accumulate on our tables.

Once the holidays are over, we find ourselves with some extra pounds. Moreover, it is not only a question of weight but also of intestinal illnesses, acidity, and heaviness, all consequences of the excessive ingestion of food in a short time.

So it’s the right time to start a cleansing diet. It only takes a couple of days to clean up the body and get rid of excess fat and ingested alcohol.

The purifying diet as a turning point

A good decision is to take the cleansing diet as a time of transition between a period of excess and the usual healthy diet. Spending a couple of days undergoing a purifying diet makes us forget the heaviness of the stomach and acidity and we can go back to feeding ourselves as usual.

It is useless to undergo a cleansing diet if, after finishing it, we continue to eat in an unhealthy way. For this, there must be a point of inflection to clean the organism and to return to a healthy routine.

Remember that it is not even good to become obsessed with food and that it is inevitable that in times like that of the holiday season we overdo the food. It does nothing at all as long as after the holidays we return to take care of our diet and to exercise regularly.

The characteristics of a purifying diet

A purifying diet does not mean to stop eating or starve for several days. In fact, it is always essential to do five meals a day, but be careful to avoid certain foods.

The protagonists of this type of diet are vitamins, minerals, water and proteins (which are not associated with fats). As for the foods that are absolutely forbidden during this diet, there is obviously no lack of fats, sugars, and alcohol.

Furthermore, the fibers must be present in every meal. In fact, their presence is fundamental to eliminate excesses and to stimulate the functioning of the digestive system.

Liquids must also be consumed five times a day. In this sense, natural juices or tea are very advantageous and strongly recommended in any purifying diet.

As for the duration, it depends on the extent of the excesses made in the previous days. However, this type of diet should never last more than a week. Ideally, it should last between 3 and 6 days.


Purifying diets give many benefits in certain periods in which we have exaggerated with food. They must be a reference point in the period of transition between large meals and a return to normal food.

Remember, as previously mentioned: you have to eliminate sugar, fat, and alcohol during your diet days and not prolong your diet over a week.

However, you should keep in mind that these are just starting tips. If you want to follow a cleansing diet, the advisable thing is to let yourself be advised by a nutrition professionals. This figure will work out an absolutely tailor-made diet for you, according to your needs and characteristics.

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