The best exercises with the Powerball for hands, arms and shoulders

The best exercises with the Powerball for hands, arms and shoulders

rony 18.02.2019

Kinesiology and physiotherapy use a new technology that has significant advantages in muscle recovery and strengthening. We are talking about the exercises that are performed with the Powerball, a practical and easy-to-use tool that allows us to train our fingers, wrist, forearm, and shoulders.

The Powerball is a ball the size of a tennis ball with a gyroscope inside. When it rotates, independently of the direction, the gyroscope exerts a resistance proportionally contrary to the speed of rotation. So the faster we go, the more strength we will need to make the move.

The benefits of Powerball

Whether it’s rehabilitation exercises or a normal workout, the Powerball offers great advantages. The main ones are:

  • Increases muscle strength.
  • It improves muscle strength and stabilization.
  • Stimulates brain connections to provide immediate responses to required movements.
  • It is very efficient: with just a few minutes of daily exercise, you get great results.

How to use it?

Place the Powerball in the center of the palm of your hand and hold it with all your fingers except the little finger, which serves only as lower support.

Exercises with the Powerball

This ball is perfect for training all the muscles of the arm. The fingers, shoulders, wrists, forearms, and elbows will work simultaneously. Here are some exercises you can do with the Powerball:

1. The rotation at moderate speed

All the exercises performed with this sphere are based on the rotation of the Powerball in one direction. You must maintain a slow or moderate speed in order to prolong the training for longer.

The idea is to use between one and three minutes for each hand alternating the series. If you resist more it’s fine, but this will depend on your physical condition. Generally, the best thing to do is to progressively increase the time taken for the exercise.

2. Exercises with Powerball of strength and endurance

They are the ideal exercises for tennis players, for those who play golf and for climbers. Try to spin the Powerball at a high speed and keep the rotation rate as much as possible.

The increase in the resistance exerted by the sphere (proportional to speed) will require more effort. In this way, you will improve the ability of the muscles to sustain a prolonged effort.

Many sports are characterized by the ability to use their arms. In these cases, exercises with the Powerball are very useful.

3. Rehabilitation exercises with the Powerball

With a different handle, the Powerball can be used for rehabilitation exercises designed to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. The ball should be held with the fingertips pointing downwards and the palm of the hand should form a 90-degree angle with the forearm. In this case, the rotation must be slow and constant.

For those who have “tennis elbow” ( lateral epicondylitis ), they can use the ball by passing it on the forearm.

4. A monthly program of exercises with the Powerball

The official factory that produces these spheres provides exercise routines on its website to follow week after week. These exercises are built to gradually increase the duration of training sessions:

  • Week 1: 3 sets of 30 seconds with each hand (alternate hands). Perform the exercises on alternate days and rest for one minute between each set.

  • Week 2: 3 sets of 30 seconds with each hand. Rest for a minute between sets and work out every day of the week.
  • Week 3: 3 series of 60 seconds with each hand. Rest for a minute between sets. Perform the exercises on alternate days.
  • Week 4: Repeat the exercises of the previous week (the 3), but do them every day

5. Strengthening and rehabilitation of the shoulder thanks to exercises with the Powerball

This exercise consists of performing the normal movement with the Power Ball, but with the arm raised. You have to hold it slightly over your head. This type of training serves to strengthen the shoulders and improve their strength and muscle tone.

6. Prevent injuries caused by repeated effort

As irrelevant as they may seem, repetitive movements due to mouse and keyboard use can cause mechanical stress injuries. Practicing regularly with the Powerball you can increase the strength and endurance of your hands and avoid possible injuries.

The muscles of the forearm may also be subject to work overload and cause tendon inflammation-causing problems with the articulation of the fingers and wrist. We refer to the notorious carpal tunnel syndrome. Powerball exercises have been shown to prevent and alleviate these symptoms.

As you have seen, the benefits of using the Powerball are many. If your doctor agrees, why not try it?

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