The incredible benefits of carrots for skin care

The incredible benefits of carrots for skin care

rony 19.11.2018

This vegetable is a mandatory ingredient in any healthy diet. Its properties are very varied, as well as having a low amount of calories. Let’s find out what the incredible benefits of carrots are for skincare.

Nutritional values

The carrot is among the few foods for which there are no known contraindications or which are a source of allergies. Its nutritional composition includes vitamin A or beta-carotene, as well as vitamins B and C. Iron, potassium, phosphorus and calcium.

But, in addition to its nutritional values, it is a very versatile ingredient. It can be cooked in stews or raw salads along with other ingredients or on its own. There are also sweets and drinks made with carrots, as well as topical creams with incredible benefits for the skin.

The benefits of carrots for health

Among the benefits that this interesting vegetable brings to health, the following can be highlighted:

  • Prevents eye diseases. Traditionally we have always been told that eating carrots is good for the eyes. It is not a direct effect to have better vision, but its ability to reduce the appearance of cataracts or to prevent retinal degeneration is proven.
  • Carrots are an important source of water, which increases urine flow by decreasing problems related to fluid retention. Likewise, the high amount of fiber it contains turns it into a natural remedy against constipation.

  • The habit of eating carrots stimulates the appetite, fights anemia and protects the digestive system. It also improves people’s mood, increases the quality of breast milk and decreases cholesterol.

The incredible benefits of carrots for the skin

Whether it is a fundamental ingredient in the menu or as an added ingredient in creams for topical use, whether of commercial or homemade brands, the list of the benefits of the carrot for skin health is long.

In general, its ability to protect against the effects of UV rays is important. It also highlights its moisturizing action, a factor necessary to make this organ work better, the skin, without causing it to deteriorate.

Promotes cell renewal of the skin

The carrot decreases and delays the presence of spots and wrinkles that inevitably begin to appear over time. Likewise, it reduces the visibility of small scars.

Without respite against acne

Although this problem occurs mainly during adolescence, acne can affect people of all ages. Vitamin A or beta-carotene levels make the carrot an essential ally to combat these skin abnormalities.

Along with everything we have already said, the introduction of carrot in the diet brings antioxidants that regulate the fats that accumulate above and below the dermis. As a complement, this vegetable is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory that accelerates the disappearance of pimples.

Strengthens nails and hair

In addition to skincare benefits, the carrot also has positive effects on the scalp; fights hair loss and adds thickness and shine at the same time. Its presence in a diet reduces the appearance of white hair, and at the same time facilitates the rapid growth of resistant nails.

Tanned skin longer (and always protected)

Carrot oil is the most used element in solar protector formulas. But it is also used as a natural bronzer, which offers a more intense and lasting effect.

It is very good to combine the topical application of commercial creams that have this ingredient with homemade carrot-based preparations. Adding it to a balanced diet is to be used as a cosmetic.

Eating carrots is good for your health. They do not give way to be monotonous or boring, they can be cooked in many different ways. Two glasses of carrot juice a day are more than enough to make its effects obvious.

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