Why do tai chi be used to improve balance?

Why do tai chi be used to improve balance?

rony 14.07.2018

Tai chi is a martial art based on slow, fluid and precise movements. Among other benefits, it is useful to improve balance. In this article, you will discover everything there is to know about this discipline.

Tai Chi uses a series of deep and slow movements and breathing exercises to exercise the body and calm the mind. This discipline combines the physical components necessary to maintain the strength, flexibility, movement, and reflexes of the legs in a vertical position.

With tai chi, the weight is continuously shifted from side to side and this improves balance and teaches the body to be more sensitive and to have more strength.

In fact, tai chi is particularly useful for improving balance and preventing falls, a major concern in older people. Like other disciplines similar to yoga, it has a meditative feature that can trigger relaxation.

These physiological changes help decrease blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen consumption, adrenaline levels, and cortisol levels, the stress-regulating hormone.

Tai chi, ideal for improving balance

Tai chi is often recommended with a daily approach, to improve balance and reduce the risk of falls. Along with tai chi, another discipline that stands out for its benefits in this regard is yoga.

In fact, there are various reasons why tai chi is considered useful to improve balance. It is believed that the practice affects postural stability, and increases flexibility and strength.

Furthermore, this discipline is considered safe for everyone and has been shown to have positive effects on the overall physical condition of a person. Although it is possible to learn tai chi with books and audio or video courses, making lessons or working with an instructor helps to ensure the correct execution of the movements.

However, people with health problems and women who are pregnant should consult their medical practitioner before practicing tai chi.

It is a discipline suitable for all ages and is a safe way to exercise for elderly people with chronic illnesses. The activities are not of great physical impact and can gradually increase.

Reduces the risk of falls in older people

The regular practice of tai chi brings great advantages to the elderly. The reason is that it is a body discipline that includes a set of continuous and circular movements that take place slowly and precisely in a predetermined order.

One of its strengths is its adaptability for all ages and levels of physical condition. This is because tai chi has zero impact, it does not exert any pressure on bones and joints. And if this were little, it is also incredibly safe, even for older people or those with chronic illnesses.

Another of its positive aspects is that it reduces the risk of falls as it improves the balance and posture of older people. As a result, the chances of injuries and fractures can be reduced.

Greater physical needs than you think

If it were little, tai chi is more aerobic than any belief. Among other benefits, it exercises the heart and helps prevent heart disease.

Observing the gentle and elegant movements of this ancient Chinese practice, it is difficult to imagine that it can burn a single calorie or fortify the muscles. Despite this, this discipline includes exercises that are more dynamic than they seem.

As you could see, Tai Chi has been used in Chinese tradition for a long time: a technique to make the body and mind work through slow and gentle movements.

In any case, we are convinced that once you have experienced some tai chi lessons, you will see how this combination of slow and gentle movements is added to a vigorous workout. Why not give this famous Eastern discipline an opportunity?

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